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Can someone tell me what kinds of wild animals are being released along East Huron River Drive, and by whom? Should I be concerned?

I’m imagining giant tarantulas and honey badgers, but maybe it’s nutria.

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A new sign at the Water Street Commons native prairie

Thanks to the hard work of a lot of people, we now have a proper sign explaining the history and significance of the Water Street Commons native prairie. Special thanks go out especially to native plant experts Jason Tallant and Ben Connor Barrie for helping me with the text, Jeff Clark for designing the sign, […]

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Honk if you think kids revolting against corporatocracy are cute

For those of you who were wondering how our micro-scale Occupy Wall Street solidarity march went yesterday in Ypsi, it was a lot of fun. No one was pepper sprayed. No one was arrested. No trouble makers tried to infiltrate our ranks in order to discredit us. And, most importantly, the kids made it the […]

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Occupy Cross Street…. Ypsilanti to host micro solidarity protest on Saturday

A few days ago, on this site, I suggested that we have a big “Occupy” event outside, or perhaps in the lobby of, an Ypsilanti branch of Bank of America. Well, given an unfortunately timed parasite infestation, and a cold that seems determined to hang on forever, I never got a chance to pull anything […]

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