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106 members of Congress are guilty of sedition

As you may have heard, the Supreme Court issued a one sentence order on Tuesday stating that they would not be hearing the case brought by Pennsylvania Republicans to overturn Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in their state. Trump’s assault on our nation isn’t over yet, though. There’s still one more election-related case before America’s […]

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Donald Trump, never one to pass up an opportunity to demonstrate his depth of his smallness, chooses to mark his historic impeachment by coming to Michigan and speculating as to whether or not John Dingell may be burning in hell

It took impeachment, but Donald Trump has finally won his first popular vote! Members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach the President of the United States this evening, making Donald J. Trump not just the third person in the entire history of our great nation to earn such a devastating rebuke, but […]

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There’s nothing more surreal than watching Donald Trump in North Carolina, where Republicans have been found guilty of voter fraud, talking about illegal voting by Democrats in California, absent any evidence at all

Back during the 2018 midterm elections, a Republican by the name of Mark Harris won North Carolina’s 9th congressional district. The results of that election, however, were never certified, as it came to light shortly after Election Day that Harris had hired a political operative (and convicted felon) by the name of Leslie McCrae Dowless, […]

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Matt Gaetz says we need a border wall, not universal background checks, to stop gun violence in America

When the Democrats took back the House of Representatives during this last election, it gave them the ability to once again set the legislative agenda. And, today, we saw how important that was. For the first time since the Republicans took control of the House during the 2010 midterms, there was a hearing in the […]

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Not wanting the American people to make the connection between the border wall and white nationalism, the Republicans attempt to force racist Congressman Steve King, the wall’s biggest proponent, from the House

I guess we should just be happy that the Republicans have finally decided to turn on Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa. While we’re congratulating Republicans for doing the right thing, though, and joining Democrats to formally condemn King on the floor of the House for questioning whether the term “white nationalist” should be considered […]

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