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Donald Trump, never one to pass up an opportunity to demonstrate his depth of his smallness, chooses to mark his historic impeachment by coming to Michigan and speculating as to whether or not John Dingell may be burning in hell

It took impeachment, but Donald Trump has finally won his first popular vote! Members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach the President of the United States this evening, making Donald J. Trump not just the third person in the entire history of our great nation to earn such a devastating rebuke, but […]

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Security trumps freedom in the terrorist-heavy Battle Creek

I spent three hours in Battle Creek today, and, in that time, I only spoke with one person. The man I spoke with was a security guard, standing outside of what was formerly the Battle Creek Sanitarium, which now, ironically enough, happens to be a federal building. I had Arlo with me. (He and I […]

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Ypsi immigration interview: Valerie Bieberich

I’m thinking that, from now on, I should draw new Ypsi residents, in addition to interviewing them. I think it would be particularly interesting in those cases when I’ve never met the individual face-to-face. (I think it would make my email interviews a lot more interesting, if, in addition to asking questions about why folks […]

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