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There’s nothing more surreal than watching Donald Trump in North Carolina, where Republicans have been found guilty of voter fraud, talking about illegal voting by Democrats in California, absent any evidence at all

Back during the 2018 midterm elections, a Republican by the name of Mark Harris won North Carolina’s 9th congressional district. The results of that election, however, were never certified, as it came to light shortly after Election Day that Harris had hired a political operative (and convicted felon) by the name of Leslie McCrae Dowless, […]

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Less than 24 hours after Mueller warns that foreign election interference is imminent, McConnell blocks $775 million in election security funding

Yesterday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, appearing before the House Intelligence Committee, warned the American people that, if they aren’t stopped, members of the Russian intelligence service, working on behalf of Vladimir Putin, will surely attempt to influence the outcome of our next election, just as they did in 2016. Warning that, “(they’re still) doing it […]

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