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Grand Rapids shows us how economic development is done right… home-grown food entrepreneurship over dollar stores

A few months ago, when I was in Grand Rapids, attending the annual BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) conference, I had the occasion to hear a speech given by the city’s Mayor, George Heartwell. I can’t find my notes at the moment, but I seem to recall that, buried somewhere in the long […]

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Winning in November isn’t enough, says Van Jones. We also have to mobilize against Obama.

I know he’s a big hero to many on the left, but Van Jones sometimes rubs me the wrong way. He’s too smiley, or something. Maybe it’s a reaction to having been taken in by John Edwards, but I now prefer my heros to be a bit more wonky, and bit less telegenic. But, at […]

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Fox News sinks to an even more despicable low

Following up on last night’s post about the corporate takeover of American politics, I thought that I’d share this piece of video, taken from the FOX News morning program, Fox and Friends, a few days ago. I think it illustrates pretty clearly just how far the monied interests on the right are willing to go […]

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The contest between Fear and Hope

Yesterday, President Obama spoke on the subject of healthcare reform in Grand Junction, Colorado. Here’s a clip from the transcript of his speech, which I think gets right to the heart of the matter: …And when you hear about these experiences, when you think of the millions of people denied coverage because of preexisting conditions, […]

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