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The Twinkie defense… Is management or labor is less deserving of the blame in the Hostess liquidation?

A few days ago, upon hearing that Hostess Brands Inc. was going out of business, I posted the following, assuming that it would just be a matter of time before folks on the right started floating conspiracy theories involving Michelle Obama and her “nanny state” jihad against junk food. As my friend Steve Cherry quickly […]

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Lovecraft, and his insight into ancient evil (and Republicans)

I received an odd letter today from a former Ypsilantian who now finds himself living among the natives of Hawaii. He wanted to let me know about a quote that he’d stumbled across concerning Republicans. The piece, according to him, was penned in 1936, by none other than H.P. Lovecraft, the man behind Cthulhu (think […]

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Watching movies with my daughter

I showed Clementine The Wizard of Oz a couple of months ago, soon after she turned five. I thought that she was old enough. We’d already read the book. And I’d already warned her about the flying monkeys. And I’d shown her the scene where the Wicked Witch of the West melts on YouTube. So, […]

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Who else should be going to prison with Bernie Madoff?

In case you missed the segment on 60 Minutes a few days ago, I wanted to pass along this interview with the men overseeing the investigation into where Bernie Madoff hid his money, and who else might have known what he was up to. WARNING: Watching this will make you want to punch Madoff’s douche […]

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