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Too many damn Houdini movies…

update: Our night was spent disassembling Alro’s crib, now that it no longer accomplishes the objective of keeping him trapped inside, putting up a gate across the doorway to his room, and trying to convince him, as best that we could, that there’s nothing more awesome than laying peacefully in a “big boy” bed and […]

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The Twinkie defense… Is management or labor is less deserving of the blame in the Hostess liquidation?

A few days ago, upon hearing that Hostess Brands Inc. was going out of business, I posted the following, assuming that it would just be a matter of time before folks on the right started floating conspiracy theories involving Michelle Obama and her “nanny state” jihad against junk food. As my friend Steve Cherry quickly […]

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“Let him die!”

A few days ago, we had a post here on the site about the aggressive strain of conservative bloodlust that was starting to rise to the surface in the Republican Presidential debates. Well, tonight’s Tea Party-sponsored debate was no different. Watch the following clip featuring Ron Paul being asked by Wolf Blitzer what should happen […]

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Motorcycle helmets block the reception of refreshing freedom rays

A few days ago, the Michigan state Senate voted to repeal the law requiring all motorcycle riders to wear helmets. The Governor still needs to sign it into law, but, according to those who have talked with Snyder, it seems like a done deal, assuming he can somehow use the opportunity to also address auto […]

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