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The car dilemma… What do you think that I should do?

In September of 2002, I purchased my first, and only, brand new car. I’d always told myself that I’d never buy a new car… as new cars, as we all know, are for suckers… but my old Jeep, which was built from salvaged parts by the kids in a rural Kentucky auto shop class, was […]

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Hummer burial in Detroit

Today, as progressive groups from around the nation were massing in Detroit in preparation for tomorrow’s much anticipated U.S. Social Forum, the folks from Code Pink, together with Tyree Guyton and volunteers from the Heidelberg Project, came together to bury a burned-out Hummer. Here, from a May post on the Code Pink website, written on […]

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On strippers, b-school and alternative fuel vehicles

Skip This Section: Unless You’re Interested in Alternative Fuels and High-Tech Business Startups I just went out and had dinner with a guy who used to work for me. He took me out to dinner and expensed it to his new employer. He’s got a good job with a consulting firm in California. He’s a […]

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