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“But, the socialist media are MAKING her eyes look crazy!”

Apparently, conservatives, especially those who find themselves doing things like screaming in support of America’s credit downgrade at Tea Party rallies, are incensed that Newsweek chose to run a cover image this week which makes Presidential contender Michele Bachmann look crazy. I personally don’t see it. It’s one thing to have an issue with the […]

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Lovecraft, and his insight into ancient evil (and Republicans)

I received an odd letter today from a former Ypsilantian who now finds himself living among the natives of Hawaii. He wanted to let me know about a quote that he’d stumbled across concerning Republicans. The piece, according to him, was penned in 1936, by none other than H.P. Lovecraft, the man behind Cthulhu (think […]

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Video surfaces of Glenn Beck’s 9/12 attack on America

You’ve seen the photos – now check out the video. If you can believe it, some of them can even speak! There is one good piece of news, though. According to Nate Silver, there’s no way 2 million people participated in this orgy of delusion at the Capitol, as some on the right are claiming… […]

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