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Julia Collins, the owner of Ypsi Studio, on growing up in Ypsi, taking risks, and being successful when people thought you’d fail

Almost ten years ago now, local entrepreneur Julia Collins decided to disregard the advice of many and open a small fitness studio in Downtown Ypsilanti, right next door to our local strip club. Well, it turns out that she was right. Her business, Ypsi Studio, has continued to grow since its initial launch, and, right […]

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A little bit of Ypsi coming to a town near you…. maybe

AnnArbor.com has a piece by Tom Perkins today on Sandee, Bill and Andy French and their plans to franchise the popular Depot Town restaurant Aubree’s. I’d known that they had aspirations in this direction for a while now, but I had no idea how serious they were about it. According to the article, they even […]

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The closing of the Savoy, and the launch of Woodruff’s

As most of you know by now, the Savoy – the Washington Street club managed by Andy “tight pants” Garris – has closed its doors. As I understand it, there were a number of issues, but, in the end, it was the building owner’s non-payment of electrical bills that did them in. But, downtown’s loss […]

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Wednesday’s meeting on the Ypsi rail stop

Last week, I posted something about the local debate over where we place our train stop here in Ypsi. We kicked the idea around for a while, and people on both sides of the issue weighed in. City Councilperson Pete Murdock explained why he thought that it would be best to locate the platform in […]

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Where should we put the Ypsi train platform?

As I mentioned a few days ago, there’s going to be a big community meeting on March 18 to discuss the proposed Ypsi train stop. Given the few conversations I’ve had with neighbors over the past month, I suspect that most of that discussion will revolve around the location of the boarding platform. As you […]

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