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It’s beginning to look a lot like Krampus

In case I haven’t invited you personally, I wanted to let you know that we’ll be having our big, annual Krampus party this Saturday night in in Ypsilanti. As in years past, things will begin at 8:00, at the Corner Brewery (720 Norris Street). Entry is free for those of you who are degenerate lowlifes. […]

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Krampus recap

Two years ago, at our big Krampus party, I was momentarily knocked unconscious by a disco ball which had been hurled at my head. With that as my point of reference, last night’s event went exceptionally well. What follow are a few of the photos that I was able to snap between beers. I don’t […]

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The forces of holiday darkness are gathering…. Krampus to emerge from an ocean of beer at the Corner Brewery on December 15, and lead a Christmas army of ghouls, monsters and freaks through the streets of Ypsilanti

I’ve been remiss. I’ve been meaning to mention something for quite a while now, but things kept conspiring against me. Prior to December 2, I’d been focusing my limited attention on The Coup’s show in Depot Town. And, since then, I, like the rest of you, have been completely overwhelmed by the sustained assault on […]

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Ypsilanti once again kicks ass… Thousands take to the streets in celebration of child-licking demon, Krampus

Last night was Ypsilanti’s big Krampus party. As all of the venues were packed, the Brewery sold out of our special “naughty” and “nice” beers, and no one died, I’d say it was a huge success. For those of you who couldn’t come, there are some great photos up at AnnArbor.com. I also shot a […]

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Krampus fever sweeps nation, enflames Ypsilanti

All of a suden, it seems that Krampus is everywhere. I got a note a few days ago from someone telling me that I’d be getting a call from NPR, as they were working on story about a Krampus festival that folks were working to launch in Philadelphia. I guess, since we started our event […]

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