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Ann Arbor – Detroit passenger rail… Can Dingell deliver?

According to an article just published in Crain’s, it looks as though we should find out in a few days whether or not the Federal Rail Administration will be coming forward to invest $200 million in the Ann Arbor – Detroit commuter line that we’re all so anxious to see happen. Here’s a clip: …The […]

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Detroit-Ann Arbor commuter rail line scaled back almost to the point of non-existence

Remember how Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm proclaimed that she’d be riding the Detroit-Ann Arbor commuter line by the end of her term this fall? Well, it looks as though that might not happen. Ypsi City Council member Pete Murdock just sent me a note, letting me know that the Detroit-Ann Arbor rail project has been […]

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Michigan asks Washington for $830 million to establish Detroit-Chicago high-speed rail

Remember how, a while ago, I told you that the feds had set aside over $8 billion for high-speed rail projects, and Michigan was joining with other states in the vicinity of Chicago to make a request? Well, today was the deadline, and it appears as though we’ve requested $830 million from Uncle Sam. At […]

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Wednesday’s meeting on the Ypsi rail stop

Last week, I posted something about the local debate over where we place our train stop here in Ypsi. We kicked the idea around for a while, and people on both sides of the issue weighed in. City Councilperson Pete Murdock explained why he thought that it would be best to locate the platform in […]

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Is compromise on the location of the Ypsilanti train platform possible?

A few days ago, I posted something here on the site about the local debate over where to construct the Ypsilanti train platform. And, I did a poor job of relaying my main point, which was that we can’t afford to let petty squabbling derail this project. I know it’s unlikely, as it’s already been […]

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