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Chris Hedges calls Black Bloc anarchists a cancer to the Occupy movement

In hopes of continuing our conversation on the value that Black Bloc anarchists bring to the Occupy movement, I thought that I’d link to this new article on the subject by Chris Hedges. Here’s a clip. The Black Bloc anarchists, who have been active on the streets in Oakland and other cities, are the cancer […]

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What would you type on the Unabomber’s typewriter?

I’m wondering if maybe having the Unabomber’s typewriter would help me break through my writer’s block. It goes up for auction tomorrow, along with all the other possessions of Ted Kaczynski. I’m thinking that everyone else will go after his infamous hooded sweatshirt… Somewhere, at this very moment, I suspect a hipster in Williamsburg is […]

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How valid were the points of Discovery Channel gunman James Lee?

Putting aside for a moment what he did, which was clearly wrong, I’m curious to know if people feel as though James Lee, the fellow who was killed yesterday, after taking hostages at the offices of the Discovery Channel, had a valid point. For those of you who haven’t been following along, it seems as […]

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From Peaches to the Unabomber

I’m wondering how my friend Ted, in two days time, got from a Peaches concert in Paris, to what looks to be an airplane hanger containing the Unabomber’s cabin. I suspect that alcohol was involved… Anyway, I think it probably goes without saying that I’m impressed… And, for what it’s worth, I’m thinking about running […]

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