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Maynard-Lao Archive: Item 0001 [Light blue “Dead Dog’s Eyeball” t-shirt]

Since turning 50, I’ve been making a concerted effort to get my shit in order. I’ve started working more deliberately on this nearly 175 year old house of ours. I’ve pretty much cut bread, beer and refined sugar from my diet. And I’ve been attempting to rid myself of the possessions that I no longer […]

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Trump threatens to withhold research funding from universities that aren’t more welcoming to those who disregard facts and refute science

Last night, after watching highlights from Donald Trump’s disturbing performance at CPAC, I posted the following to Twitter. And, as a few people have asked me what I meant by it, I thought that I’d post an explanation here. McCarthyism started this way, with threats against institutions of higher education designed to force out liberal […]

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A copy of the Prehensile Monkey-tailed Skink video has surfaced, ending any congressional aspirations I may have had

I’ve lived in fear of this moment for the past twenty years… Today, by way of Facebook, I received a message from a man in Oregon who claims to have in his possession a copy of “Fears of Practice,” the 1993 performance video of my band, Prehensile Monkey-tailed Skink. While he hasn’t yet made his […]

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Race, Wrongs, and Remedies

I don’t talk a lot about “personal responsibility” on this site. To do so, I think, makes me sound like a Tea Bagger. The truth is, though, I don’t think the government has the power, try as it might, to eradicate poverty. I think they can, and should, put safety nets in place, but, at […]

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There weren’t many humans on the earth a million years ago

Tonight I’m fascinated by this article in the New York Times on what the human genome is teaching us about our evolution as a species. According to the article, now that we have two completely mapped human genomes, we’ve begun to make a number of significant observations based on the genetic variation between the two. […]

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