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Trump threatens to withhold research funding from universities that aren’t more welcoming to those who disregard facts and refute science

Last night, after watching highlights from Donald Trump’s disturbing performance at CPAC, I posted the following to Twitter. And, as a few people have asked me what I meant by it, I thought that I’d post an explanation here. McCarthyism started this way, with threats against institutions of higher education designed to force out liberal […]

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Laura Ingram, in a monologue praised by David Duke, says, because of immigrants, “The America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore”

Last spring, when Fox News host Laura Ingraham decided to use her platform to personally attack a survivor of the Parkland school shooting, over a dozen companies, including the likes of Hulu and Office Depot, announced that they would no longer be running ads on the program. Ingraham took an unplanned leave of absence from […]

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Yes, it looks as though the person responsible for the racist graffiti at EMU may have been black. And, no, that does not mean racism no longer exists.

Ypsilanti, in case you missed it, is back in the national news. According to Eastern Michigan University’s chief of police, Robert Heighes, they believe they now know the identity of the vandal who, on three occasions last fall, spray-painted vile, racist messages targeting black students on University buildings. Here’s how the story in the Washington […]

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Alt Right racist propaganda found in EMU library

According to what I’m reading on social media this morning, this card was found yesterday at Eastern Michigan University’s Halle Library. It was, I’ve been told, left on a sign next to an elevator. I suspect some will say that not much meaning can be drawn from it, as it could just be the work […]

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Before you thank Trump for finally telling the violent racists emboldened by his victory to “Stop it,” you should know that he also announced his chief White House strategist would be Steve Bannon, the man who brought white nationalism into the mainstream with the alt-right

Since the election, as I’m sure you know, a number of non-white Americans have come forward to report instances of racial intimidation. Last night, Mark Fancher of the Michigan ACLU, who was one of my guests on the Saturday Six Pack, told us that, over the preceding 48 hours, his office had received an “avalanche” […]

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