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On the further downsizing, and possible merging of Ypsilanti’s police and fire departments

According to AnnArbor.com, our elected leaders are apparently “weighing a plan to combine the city’s police and fire departments” into a single public safety entity, in hopes of cutting costs even further during this unprecedented period of sharply rising costs and falling revenues. Here’s a clip. …The proposal would cross-train police officers and firefighters, cutting […]

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Blogbaby episode four: Pete Larson on Graduate Student Research Assistant Unionization

[While I’m busy scrubbing poop from diapers and other articles of clothing, several friends have been kind enough to provide content for this site, through a program we’re calling Blogbaby. Today’s contribution comes from my friend and former bandmate Pete Larson.] Mark has been on to me for several weeks to write something for his […]

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My pilot light is out

Every once in a while, I get the urge to stop blogging. I sat and stared at the screen last night for a few hours, and just couldn’t seem to muster the energy or enthusiasm for it. I feel like blaming the baby, as he’s been keeping us up for the past two weeks, but […]

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Ohio Republicans deceive voters with fraudulent ad in effort to end collective bargaining

Apparently, in Ohio, like in Wisconsin, there’s been a concentrated effort to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights. The legislation that would do this in Ohio, called Senate Bill 5, has already passed the Republican legislature, and now there’s a state-wide grassroots effort to repeal it via voter referendum. If the repeal effort, […]

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Finally coming out and stating the obvious, Scott Walker admits that his assault against collective bargaining had nothing to do with Wisconsin’s budget deficit

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker found himself in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform today, admitting under oath that his going after the collective bargaining rights of state employees had absolutely nothing to do with saving his state money. Here’s video of the Governor being questioned by Congressman Dennis Kucinich. From the […]

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