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Chris Hedges seeks to challenge legality of NDAA in court

As it’s late, and as I’m exhausted, there’s not going to be a lot in the way of thoughtful analysis, but I wanted to let you all know that one of our favorite people, Chris Hedges, has filed suit against the Obama administration on the grounds that the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act is […]

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Former Gitmo prisoner Lakhdar Boumediene provides a glimpse of what the NDAA might mean for American citizens

The following letter appeared in the New York Times this weekend. It’s author, a man named Lakhdar Boumediene, was held in U.S. military custody for seven years without an opportunity to defend himself in court, or for that matter, even being told why he’d been kidnapped from his workplace by armed men and shipped off […]

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Voting out the Michigan politicians who helped scrap the Bill of Rights

A Reddit user who goes by the name of DrowningSink has compiled a list of potentially vulnerable politicians up for reelection in 2012, along with their voting records on controversial legislation, such as the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act, which, as we’ve discussed here repeatedly, gives the government the right to imprison American citizens […]

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To no avail, four-star Generals call for Obama to veto the NDAA, and protect the Bill of Rights

It’s one thing when lefty reactionaries like me run around, warning people about pending legislation that will, if signed into law, end due process as we know it in the United States. It’s another thing altogether, however, when it’s a four-star general doing the frantic hand waving. And it’s exponentially more serious when you have […]

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My pilot light is out

Every once in a while, I get the urge to stop blogging. I sat and stared at the screen last night for a few hours, and just couldn’t seem to muster the energy or enthusiasm for it. I feel like blaming the baby, as he’s been keeping us up for the past two weeks, but […]

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