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The Water Street Millage… back on the ballot August 8

This past August, by an incredibly slim, 39 vote margin, Ypsilantians decided not to pass a 2.3 mill tax that would have raised approximately $10,006,548 over 14 years in order to pay down debt related to the City’s purchase almost two decades ago of 38 acres of riverfront property, referred to collectively as Water Street. […]

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Water Street debt reduction millage loses by just 39 votes. Now what?

According to the poll results posted by Washtenaw County, the Water Street debt reduction millage lost by just 39 votes today, thanks in large part to an overwhelmingly negative response in the first precinct of Ward 1, where voters cast their ballots against the initiative 160 to 29. Given how close the race was otherwise, […]

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On the further downsizing, and possible merging of Ypsilanti’s police and fire departments

According to AnnArbor.com, our elected leaders are apparently “weighing a plan to combine the city’s police and fire departments” into a single public safety entity, in hopes of cutting costs even further during this unprecedented period of sharply rising costs and falling revenues. Here’s a clip. …The proposal would cross-train police officers and firefighters, cutting […]

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The Ypsilanti Income Tax cyber debate… starts now!

As I mentioned earlier, I think there are persuasive arguments both for and against the passing of a personal income tax in Ypsilanti. On the pro side, I like the fact that it would allow us to maintain an acceptable level city services, while delaying our slide into receivorship under the rule of an unelected […]

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It looks like my site is being blocked by Wireless Ypsi… I wonder why…

I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I just got word from a friend that, as of this evening, our local free wireless network, Wireless Ypsi, is blocking this site. My hope is that it’s an oversight on the part of Steve Pierce and Brian Robb, the men who run the […]

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