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Kucinich likely to lose Congressional seat in redistricting

Everyone else might have already been aware of this, but I just found out that Dennis Kucinich is likely going to be losing his seat in Congress thanks to redistricting in Ohio. It’s amazing to me how the most progressive members of Congress are being picked off one by one thanks to the efforts of […]

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Finally coming out and stating the obvious, Scott Walker admits that his assault against collective bargaining had nothing to do with Wisconsin’s budget deficit

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker found himself in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform today, admitting under oath that his going after the collective bargaining rights of state employees had absolutely nothing to do with saving his state money. Here’s video of the Governor being questioned by Congressman Dennis Kucinich. From the […]

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Congressional support for cutting the military budget is beginning to come together

Continuing our conversation of a few days ago about cutting the military budget, I just heard that Barney Frank and Ron Paul, along with 55 congressional co-signers sent a letter this evening to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform calling for significant defense cuts. Here’s a clip from the letter: …The Department of […]

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Michael Moore on why he’s reluctantly supporting the health care bill

I know how some of you feel about Michael Moore, but I really like what he had to say this evening on CNN about the health care bill, and why we progressives needed to get behind it, like Dennis Kucinich. I watched it at the gym, sweating profusely, and waiting for some fireworks between Moore […]

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