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Valentine’s Day on the Saturday Six Pack… the “Classy Vagina” episode

As last week’s drunken mess of a show was a little too male-centric, I made a concerted effort to bring more women into the studio this past Saturday. Naively, I expected that doing so would result in less bawdy, more family-friendly show. I was wrong. The show was pretty filthy. But it was also super […]

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The Spinning Dot Theatre presents The Cat Who Ran this Friday in Ypsilanti

[The following post was written by Linette Lao, who, after a dozen years of watching Mark blog alone, has finally decided to experience the joy of blogging for herself.] As a parent, I’ve been to quite a few children’s theater productions, and what I love most is watching kids watch. Their delight is so direct, […]

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Today was a terrible day, but I’m OK with that

It’s after 1:00 AM and I’ve been asked to relocate from my bed to the couch. My terrifyingly loud coughing, it would appear, has finally crossed a line. I should have had the sense to extract myself. When it gets to the point that I need to get out of bed, stand up, and brace […]

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The Ramones are dead. Long live the Ramones.

It’s being reported this morning that Tommy Ramone, co-founder of the seminal New York punk band The Ramones, and last surviving member of the original group, died yesterday at the age of 65. If I had to credit one band with setting me on the path that led me to where I am today, it […]

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Cleaning house… and finding interesting artifacts

I spent much of this past weekend cleaning house. In the process, I found the following: An old drawing that I did of Linette, which I think is really beautiful, and surprisingly accurate. My old favorite photo of myself, which I thought that I’d lost forever. (I don’t believe they still make the synthetic silk […]

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