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Peter King discovers that he’s in a party of assholes… he’s yet to realize, however, that he’s one too

Republican Congressman Peter King’s epic rant against his party’s leadership in the House is all over the web today. People, it would seem, like seeing Republican’s awaken to the fact that it’s their party that’s the problem. And that’s what happened today, as King went to the press, irate that his party’s leaders, despite their […]

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‘Escape from Vermont,’ by Chelsea Lowe

As you may recall, I got pissed off a few weeks ago at House Majority Leader Eric Cantor for suggesting that funds not be allocated for relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Irene until such time that federal spending cuts were made elsewhere. I was particularly pissed off because a friend of mine, a […]

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Eric Cantor sighted in Ann Arbor

Did anyone happen to see House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Ann Arbor today? According to a reader of the Ann Arbor Chronicle, he was at the State Street CVS this afternoon, surrounded by Secret Service agents. I wasn’t aware of it until just now, but apparently his daughter, Jenna, is a sophomore at U-M… […]

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Beneath the Concrete

I was recently introduced to a woman by the name of Emilia Javanica, who has created a piece of interdisciplinary visual theater on the subject of a devastating earthquake that hit Indonesia in May, 2006. The piece, Entitled Beneath the Concrete is scheduled to be performed Friday and Saturday evenings at the Contemporary Art Institute […]

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The end times are upon us

So far today we’ve had an earthquake and a tornado here in Michigan. One wonders what might be next. I’m tempted to come up from the basement and look out the window, but I’m afraid that I might find the Huron River on fire, or dogs and cats making love in the street… or, worse […]

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