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The Fuller Cut’s “Read to a Barber” program makes the ABC Evening News

While I really loved Jennifer Guerra’s piece for National Public Radio this past October about the “Read to a Barber” program at The Fuller Cut, there’s nothing like seeing our local barbers on network television, talking about what they’ve been doing to encouraging Ypsilanti’s kids to read… If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the […]

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There’s new required reading at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building

Someone sent this to me today. It’s a photo taken inside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where most White House staffers work. I thought at first that it was a joke, but, as Esquire just ran it, I suspect there’s a good chance that it’s legit. Of course, I suppose that, while the photo itself […]

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Three ways to turn a local kid on to reading and change the world for the better

I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of books lately. First it was the conversation I had with New York Times bestselling author Shaka Senghor about his discovery of literature in prison and how transformative that was for him. Then, a little bit after that, I heard local historian Matt Siegfried, standing in front […]

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Ypsi Book Co-op meeting tonight at 7:30

Several months ago, our local used bookstore, Cross Street Books, was shut down by the City for various code violations. This led to a spirited conversation here on the site, during which almost everyone, regardless of how they felt about Cross Street Books, seemed to agree that, in order to have a thriving downtown, Ypsilanti […]

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My thoughts on movies and books to share with your kids through the age of nine

Two things happened this week that prompted me to write this post. The world celebrated what would have been Roald Dahl’s 97th birthday, and, a day or two later, my friends Murph and Cara welcomed two beautiful little babies into the world. So, as Linette set off in one direction this evening, to arrange for […]

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