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Tremendously Big, Tremendously Wet

With Hurricane Florence bearing down on the east coast, Donald Trump took a little time today to reflect on the “incredible unsung success” of his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria, the tropical storm that, at about this same time last year, decimated the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. “I think Puerto Rico was incredibly successful,” […]

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How shitty are you as a leader when the jobs you’re bragging about creating aren’t even on the surface of the earth, but in coal mines?

Maybe it’s just that my people come from coal country, but I have visceral reaction every time I hear either Trump or Pence bragging, as they both did again this afternoon, about their successful efforts to put more poor Americans to work below the surface of the earth… I get why the message resonates with […]

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Apparently, as the Mexicans have refused to pay for Trump’s wall, he’s come up with a better idea… We’ll have the wall pay for itself!

I don’t think it’s that new of an idea. I’ve heard people say before, “You know, we should make that border wall of Trump’s solar.” Today, though, was the first time that I heard Trump say it himself. He was addressing a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when he made the announcement. Referencing the campaign […]

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Thank you, Mike Pence, for drawing my attention to Alexander Hamilton

In politics, as in business, it’s long been accepted practice to release bad news on Fridays in hopes of keeping media scrutiny to a minimum… And, I’m sure it was with this in mind that President-elect Donald Trump, this past Friday, released word that he’d agreed to pay a $25 million settlement to former students […]

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I’d like to live in a world where Obama could have stared right into Romney’s eyes, channeled a little Samuel L. Jackson, and said “Fuck coal.”

I know I should be writing about Romney’s ridiculous response to the “equal work for equal pay” question, where he essentially said that he didn’t need to pass legislation protecting women’s rights in the American workplace because he hired a bunch of women (or a “folder full” if you will) when he was a Governor, […]

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