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Get rich with Jesus

My friend Gene had this pamphlet wedged into his front door a few days ago. And, as I haven’t ranted about “Jesus wants me to be rich” Christians in a while, I thought that I’d post it here. I’m not sure how these folks from the Korean church found Gene. They must have looked in […]

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Terminator Jesus wreaks havoc on Ohio

I’ve written here in the past about the giant, angry half-Jesus that crouches alongside the highway between here and Cincinnati, ready to leap on sinners, having dug himself out from the earth’s core with a crucifix like some kind of Japanese B-movie monster. The family and I drive by it about a half dozen times […]

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Ted Haggard, certified-straight man of God, signals move to reality television

Remember Ted Haggard, the respected Colorado mega-church leader who routinely condemned degenerate homosexuals from the pulpit while himself enjoying the company of gay prostitutes and the effects of methamphetamine? Well, he’s back in the news today. According to the now certificably-straight Haggard, he’s opening a new church with the help of his wife and family. […]

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Seeking drawings of Greg Kinnear, others

It’s springtime and that means, thanks to Michigan’s arguably overly-generous film industry incentives, celebrities are flocking back to Ypsi/Arbor. My friend Jean, if I’m interpreting her Facebook updates correctly, has rented her home in Ann Arbor to the producers of a film named Salvation Boulevard… It’s weird. She has to hide with her kid in […]

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Church shopping

A friend of mine recently asked me to pose the following question to the readers of this site: “I don’t know anyone who goes to church in Ypsilanti. Do you go to church in Ypsilanti? Where? Why?” This friend and his family live here in Ypsi, but attend a church elsewhere, and now they’re looking […]

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