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The biggest flaw with Breaking Bad: Holly White

As it’s very nearly impossible to become my “friend” on Facebook since I went into paranoid lock-down mode, I occasionally like to share my posts here, so you can experience the same intense, full-body, orgasm-like joy that my old high school classmates, parents of my daughter’s friends, and my pseudonym-ensconced stalkers feel when I issue […]

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Ted Haggard, certified-straight man of God, signals move to reality television

Remember Ted Haggard, the respected Colorado mega-church leader who routinely condemned degenerate homosexuals from the pulpit while himself enjoying the company of gay prostitutes and the effects of methamphetamine? Well, he’s back in the news today. According to the now certificably-straight Haggard, he’s opening a new church with the help of his wife and family. […]

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Wretched Hive shirt: first attempt

Last night, I asked you, the talented members of the MM.com community, to channel your vast creative powers toward a task vital to the survival of our species. I asked you to design a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase – “a wretched hive of scum and villainy.” And, as of a few minutes ago, I […]

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