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I knew if I waited long enough, Ypsi’s gay soldier statue would become relevant

It’s been several hours now since our military officially turned gay, and, as far as I can tell, we’ve yet to be invaded. – Mark Maynard, about five minutes ago on Facebook I didn’t know it until this very moment, but this statue, which stands in the shadow of Ypsilanti’s incredibly phallic water tower, isn’t […]

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The Iggy Pop statue

I know I shouldn’t take on another project at the moment, and I don’t think these kinds of things are generally undertaken until well after the death of a great person, but seeing this Johnny Ramone memorial makes me think that we really need to get our shit together as a community and build that […]

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Terminator Jesus wreaks havoc on Ohio

I’ve written here in the past about the giant, angry half-Jesus that crouches alongside the highway between here and Cincinnati, ready to leap on sinners, having dug himself out from the earth’s core with a crucifix like some kind of Japanese B-movie monster. The family and I drive by it about a half dozen times […]

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