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Today was a terrible day, but I’m OK with that

It’s after 1:00 AM and I’ve been asked to relocate from my bed to the couch. My terrifyingly loud coughing, it would appear, has finally crossed a line. I should have had the sense to extract myself. When it gets to the point that I need to get out of bed, stand up, and brace […]

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The car dilemma… What do you think that I should do?

In September of 2002, I purchased my first, and only, brand new car. I’d always told myself that I’d never buy a new car… as new cars, as we all know, are for suckers… but my old Jeep, which was built from salvaged parts by the kids in a rural Kentucky auto shop class, was […]

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I know things are tight in Michigan, but Elizabeth Warren deserves a few more of our dollars

I’m not generally inclined to send my money out of state to support candidates running for office, but I find it difficult to restrain myself when it comes to Elizabeth Warren. Not only do I think that we need to win back the historically-Democratic Senate seat in Massachusetts that Scott Brown currently holds, but I […]

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Buy car, meet David Cross

thursday Shit. It’s been a busy day. I bought the new hybrid car and Linette and I got to meet David Cross, one of the two guys behind the HBO cult hit “Mr Show.” The interview went OK. It didn’t go well, but it didn’t go horribly. I didn’t vomit and Linette didn’t cry, but […]

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on my own

Linette’s volunteering in downtown Detroit tonight, something to do with the non-profit our friend Monica works for in Mexican Town. I should have gone with her, but I was mentally overwhelmed. Tomorrow afternoon I’m supposed to be buying the rolling douche bag transporter and I can’t stop worrying about it. “What if my truck breaks […]

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