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Tomahawk chops, war whoops, and the bubbling racism at the heart of Scott Brown’s Senate campaign

I thought, a few days ago, in their first televised debate, when Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts said of his opponent, Elizabeth Warren, “professor Warren claimed that she is a Native American… a person of color… and, as you can see, she’s not,” that we’d reached the nadir of this campaign. I was proven wrong […]

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A new, tougher, dog throttling Elizabeth Warren surges in the polls

I know that my “Life Begins at Rape” meme didn’t go anywhere, but I’m not giving up. I’m going to keep trying. Sooner or later, I’m bound to come up with a breakthrough meme. Here’s my most recent attempt… Let’s see what happens. And, speaking of Elizabeth Warren, did you hear the news? It looks […]

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I know things are tight in Michigan, but Elizabeth Warren deserves a few more of our dollars

I’m not generally inclined to send my money out of state to support candidates running for office, but I find it difficult to restrain myself when it comes to Elizabeth Warren. Not only do I think that we need to win back the historically-Democratic Senate seat in Massachusetts that Scott Brown currently holds, but I […]

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Unaware of how political campaigns are run, Elizabeth Warren fires back with the truth

One good thing came of the despicable, lie-filled television ad that Karl Rove’s organization, Crossroads GPS, launched against Elizabeth Warren last week – it got a lot of people to donate money to her campaign. And, now, as a result, she’s got an ad of her own, which is scheduled to start airing tomorrow. If […]

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Elizabeth Warren… the woman who knew too much

Vanity Fair has a great feature on the troubled history of the Customer Financial Protection Bureau, and the forces on Wall Street, in Congress, and inside the White House that ultimately alligned against Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard Law professor who had created the ambitious new agency charged with protecting the American people from the predatory […]

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