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The car dilemma… What do you think that I should do?

In September of 2002, I purchased my first, and only, brand new car. I’d always told myself that I’d never buy a new car… as new cars, as we all know, are for suckers… but my old Jeep, which was built from salvaged parts by the kids in a rural Kentucky auto shop class, was […]

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Death Race 2012

It’s not that I want to run people over, but, occasionally, I see something that brings Death Race 2000 to mind, and I wonder, if I were to slip into Machine Gun Joe Viterbo mode and do the unthinkable, how many points I’d get. Today, driving through downtown Ann Arbor, I had one of those […]

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Autos, Infrastructure and Ray LaHood

Today’s New York Times Magazine is all about infrastructure. I’m about to dig into an article on the high-speed rail line planned between Los Angeles and San Francisco, but before I do, I wanted to pass along a quick link to a very brief interview with Ray LaHood, the former Republican Congressman who now serves […]

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Michael Moore on the bankruptcy of GM

I was going to write something tonight on my conflicted feelings on the bankruptcy of GM, but then, as I was thinking about what to write, I happened across this letter by director Michael Moore. And, as I agree with almost all of it, I thought that I’d reprint it here in its entirety, and […]

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