Buy car, meet David Cross


Shit. It’s been a busy day. I bought the new hybrid car and Linette and I got to meet David Cross, one of the two guys behind the HBO cult hit “Mr Show.” The interview went OK. It didn’t go well, but it didn’t go horribly. I didn’t vomit and Linette didn’t cry, but we also didn’t exactly make a new best friend.

I always anticipate the worst when we meet a celebrity, but, in the back of my mind, at the same time, I’m half expecting for things to go really, really well. In this case, things didn’t go really well. We weren’t asked backstage, we weren’t asked out for drinks after the show, we weren’t given tickets, we weren’t asked to join them for the tour. It was just an interview. In that sense, it was probably our first real interview. He was a real nice guy and he sat down with us for about a half an hour, but it wasn’t the good kind of conversational interview we strive for. We never broke through the ice. It was, for the most part, just us asking questions and him answering.

I could write a lot more on this subject, but Linette needs to get on the computer and I need to watch Survivor.

Oh, the worst part is that I forgot to have him get his picture taken with us. That pisses me off more than anything.

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