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Linette’s volunteering in downtown Detroit tonight, something to do with the non-profit our friend Monica works for in Mexican Town. I should have gone with her, but I was mentally overwhelmed. Tomorrow afternoon I’m supposed to be buying the rolling douche bag transporter and I can’t stop worrying about it. “What if my truck breaks down tomorrow before I can trade it in?” “What if I get the new car out on the highway to bring it home and it doesn’t go over 30 miles an hour?” “What if people laugh and point at me when I’m stopped at lights.” I’ve got enough to think about without throwing a trip to Detroit into the mix. (Is Detroit still the Murder Capital of the US?) So, it looks like me, a frozen pot pie and a new episode of Bernie Mac… I don’t think there’s any booze in the house. That’s probably a good thing.

Oh, speaking of Bernie Mac, I love his show, but I recently caught a bit of his stand-up routine on cable and it was absolutely terrible. It was CarrotTop-terrible! If I were Bernie Mac, I’d imediately find the producer of the Bernie Mac Show and throw my arms around him. (“Throw my arms around” origionally read “blow”, but I wanted to keep things family friendly tonight.) And, I’d keep hugging him until the cops pulled me off. Bernie Mac owes that man his life.

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