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The hijacking of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

There’s so much I want to talk about right now… the failed attempt on the part of Project Veritas to trick the Washington Post into running a fake story about Roy Moore’s fondness for child rape; the fact that our President couldn’t help but make a racist joke today while honoring Navajo ‘code talkers’ for […]

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Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate

As I mentioned a few days ago, Obama, giving in once again to Republican pressure, has decided with withdraw his support of Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren to be head of the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The good news is, that may not be the last we see of her, though. There is currently […]

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Why I love Elizabeth Warren

I’ve been posting a lot of doom and gloom stuff recently, but, truth is, there are some good things happening in the United States for the middle class. For one, we were able to launch the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in spite of a well-orchestrated and well-financed campaign by big business. While we’re still unsure […]

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How I’ll be voting on the Michigan Supreme Court

I’d like to vote against Robert Young for Michigan Supreme Court tomorrow, but the stupid and offensive ads being run against him so piss me off that I’m going to find it difficult to do so. Here’s one of the ads in question, which I was subjected to three times in a single hour, while […]

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