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“It would be like the nuclear arms race, but with cock-like structures.”

I uttered this sentence last night, and I thought that it should be recorded for posterity… Every year or two since 2003, when Cabinet magazine named Ypsilanti’s historic water tower the winner of it’s World’s Most Phallic Building contest, a website somewhere decides to post a story about the our beloved “brick dick.” Most recently, […]

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Today I discovered that my three least favorite words in the English language become exponentially worse when put together

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A little something for all of you who aren’t attractive enough to be my Facebook friends

This is what my posts generally gook like: Speaking of Facebook, if you click here, you can follow MM.com on it… like the way Anthony Weiner follows hot, young girls on Twitter. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of urinals, you really should, if you haven’t already, check out this drawing that I posted […]

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The Republican ideas that will save our nation

All too often on this site I criticize the Republican party for being bereft of new ideas. I’m going to have to stop doing that now, though. With the infusion of new blood, via the Tea Party, the ideas are are now flowing fast and furious. Just this week alone, there are three fantastic measures […]

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Someone stop me before I blow $30

I know it’s in terribly poor taste, but it just occurred to me that, for $30, I could get someone the most disturbing gift ever given… Just imagine waking up Christmas morning and unwrapping a “You’re the Star” DVD, like the one advertised above, that’s all about you and your magical love affair with a […]

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