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The Reality of Doing Business in Ypsilanti: a roundtable discussion with a half dozen of Ypsi’s most well known entrepreneurs

This Thursday evening, from 5:00 to 7:00, I’ll be on stage at Woodruff’s, facilitating a conversation between Bee Mayhew Roll (Beezy’s), Eli Morrissey (The Rocket), Darryl Daniels (Jacobsen Daniels Associates), and Wonder Woman (Bona Sera Cafe) about the challenges that entrepreneurs face in downtown Ypsilanti, and the opportunities, as they see them, that currently exist. […]

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The Wurst Bar’s Jesse Kranyak marks his first year as an Ypsilanti restaurant owner by spilling his bratwurst-filled guts

One year ago this month, the Wurst Bar opened its doors in Ypsi. To commemorate the event, I thought that I’d interview the bar’s owner, Jesse Kranyak, and see how things have gone since we last spoke… MARK: I’m not sure if you want for it to be public knowledge, but you’ve mentioned to me […]

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Tonight’s blogging has been preempted by a toilet repair emergency

Apparently we exceeded our lifetime flush capacity and blew out the inner workings of our toilet tonight, so I’m desperately trying to reconstruct it from scavenged parts. (At this point, I was going to suggest that I was in the process of using said toilet, while heroically trying to fix it at the same time, […]

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Ypsilanti City government takes a stand on my penis

A few days ago, at lunch, I received a strange call. Ypsi’s new City Manager had somehow gotten his hands on my cell phone number. He was calling to apologize. I can’t remember his exact words, but he said something like, “Uhhhh… The City just launched a new website, and, somehow, it was hacked. You […]

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In defense of my beautiful body… majestic penis

Last night, in a post about a new bar in Ypsi, I noted my dislike of trough urinals. This admission attracted the following comment from an Ypsilantian by the name of Karen. If you’re ashamed of your penis that much, you should get a catheter for when you go out to eat. In a later […]

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