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OK, so they were toads…

When people ask me why I keep posting here after all of these years, I generally respond by saying that I keep at it because, every once in a while, when I least expect it, something really cool and wonderful happens as a result of something that I’ve shared… like the time someone wrote to […]

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On a campaign stop in Michigan today, Elizabeth Warren calls for a constitutional amendment to end gerrymandering, get corporate money out of politics, and protect voting rights

We know for a certainty that the tide is turning against the Republican Party demographically speaking. And, as a result, we know that the Republican Party, in an effort to retain power, has been devoting more time, effort and resources to gerrymandering, voter suppression and other activities intended to prevent non-Republicans from voting, like continuing […]

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Federal court rules that Michigan’s partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional

This is Michigan’s 12th congressional district, where I live. It didn’t always look like this. There was a time, prior to the Republican redistricting of 2001-2002, when the borders of the 12th district pretty much formed a square. But that changed in the wake of the 2000 census, when the Republican majority in Lansing took […]

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It Can Happen Here… The Q-virus spreads to Michigan

We’ve talked about the right wing Qanon conspiracy theory here before, and I’m not inclined to give any more of a platform to those among us who believe that an incredibly noble Donald Trump is valiantly fighting to free child sex slaves from a secret society of baby-eating globalists led by Hillary Clinton, but, when […]

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Ypsi/Arbor Exit Interview: Merritt Bankes

What follows is our official exit interview with Merritt Bankes, who just recently left Ypsilanti, headed for Tecumseh. MARK: Can you please state your full name for the record? MERRITT: Merritt Bankes. MARK: OK, let’s start at the beginning… What kind of kid were you? MERRITT: Feral! A free-range chicken! [Laughs.] I didn’t even wear […]

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