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Let’s go over this ballot together, OK?

Today, Donald Trump declared the legitimate news media “the true enemy of the people,” called the Democratic candidate for Governor in Florida a “thief,” and ordered that nearly 5,000 additional active-duty troops be sent to the southern border to protect us from an imaginary threat in hopes of driving his more racist supporters to the […]

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Say a little prayer for us

If we weren’t in crisis as a nation, I’d be mourning the passing of Aretha Franklin by listening to her albums, and trying to put into words what her music has meant to me. As the nation is in crisis, though, I’m just listening to every song of hers that I can find, while reading […]

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I know we deserve it, being one of the three states that handed Trump the presidency, but I hate it when the Brits come over to Michigan and rub our noses in our own stupidity

ā€œIā€™m supposed to change my opinion about a President that's doing all kinds of amazingly positive things because of a one-hour press conference?ā€ Supporters of President @realDonaldTrump in Michigan defend his performance in Helsinki alongside President Putin — Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) July 18, 2018 Here’s a tip… If you watch the above like […]

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Catching up with SolarYpsi

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday, July 17) at 6:00, Dave Strenski, the founder of SolarYpsi, is going to be in our conference room at Landline Creative Labs to discuss how solar power works, and the local resources that exist to help you get started, should you decide to join the ever-growing number of Ypsilantians who are attempting, […]

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Gary Peters on health care: “I put it all an the line to make (the ACA) happen, so don’t question my motivations here.”

Michigan Senator Gary Peters held a town hall meeting today at Eastern Michigan University. As it was just announced yesterday evening, attendance was relatively sparse. I’d say there were maybe about 125 people in the audience, most of whom, judging by how people introduced themselves when posing questions to the Senator, were from Ann Arbor. […]

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