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Donald Trump calls on televangelist Paula White to help him shore up his support among America’s most gullible as he approaches impeachment

“Mark my words,” I said back in July of 2017. “The closer Trump comes to impeachment, the more he’ll talk about God.” Well, guess what? Yesterday, less than 24 hours after the House voted 232 to 196 to pass a resolution setting the ground rules for his impeachment, Donald Trump, with the help of televangelist […]

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Detroit’s Jimmy Aldaoud, deported from Detroit to Iraq, dies without access to insulin

This is Jimmy Aldaoud. He was born 41 years ago in a Greek refugee camp to Christian parents that had fled religious prosecution in Iraq. As six months old, Aldauod and his family made their way to United States, where they have lived ever since. This past June, ICE deported Aldaoud to Iraq. They did […]

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Modeling Christian compassion on Easter, Trump tells 800,000 young American immigrants that he will not seek a solution to protect them from deportment

Happy #MAGA Easter, everyone. Here, in celebration of how far we’ve come, is an ugly reminder of how things were before we had a born-again (porn star fucking) evangelical (pussy grabber) in the White House (colluding with a dictator to bring down our democracy). Happy Easter! pic.twitter.com/QnCVYMJOTm — Mark Maynard (@MarkAMaynard) April 1, 2018 Always […]

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The closer Trump comes to impeachment, the more he’ll talk about God. Mark my words.

I know, during the campaign, Trump, on occasion, would talk about god, and the importance of faith in his life. If I recall correctly, he was especially eager to talk of such things just after the Access Hollywood tape surfaced in which he could be heard talking about how, because of his fame, he could […]

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Farewell Caleb

Late last week, I lost a very dear friend. His name was Caleb Brokaw. Some of you who live here in Ypsi, I’m sure, knew him. He lived just east of Depot Town, and he could often be seen walking happily through the neighborhood with his wife, Sue, and their daughter, Evie. He and Sue […]

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