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Considering a career in alternate universe Love Boat fan fiction

Not too long ago, my friend Mike White turned me onto Love Boat Insanity, a Tumblr account dedicated to the exploration of alternate universe Love Boat passengers. It’s not only hilariously funny, but it’s got me thinking seriously about picking half a dozen or so of the individuals who have been proposed thus far, and […]

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What could possibly be going on in the women’s bathroom at my office?

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Totally Quotable Arlo: giant ground sloth edition

Arlo is at a pretty good age right now. He’s still a little kid, but his mind is starting to work in a more interesting way. His play is more imaginative. He’s talking to himself more. He’s making more interesting connections. Every day, he says something that strikes me as interesting. For the most part, […]

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Ypsilanti Immigration Interview: Donald Harrison

Michigan filmmaker Donald Harrison, who, up until recently, ran the Ann Arbor Film Festival, just recently purchased a home in Ypsilanti, and made the move east from Ann Arbor. Here’s our official immigration interview. MARK: Remind me when we first met… It’s been well over a decade ago now, right? DONALD: Indeed, I remember first […]

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Totally Quotable Arlo: apple crisp edition

Beezy’s opened up for dinner last week as part of First Fridays and we decided to check it out. I think everyone enjoyed it, at least up until the dessert course, when Arlo shared the following about the apple crisp. [To those who have wondered why I don’t post more quotes from Arlo, it’s not […]

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