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“This is what daddy sounds like when he laughs.”

I don’t want to suggest that my kids have never heard me laugh. They have. In fact, I laugh quite often, in my own little way. I shake my head and chuckle. I occasionally allow a guffaw to escape. I don’t think that my son and daughter have ever had the occasion to hear me […]

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R.I.P. Freeda, the best dog in the world

The best dog in the entire world passed away this morning. Her name was Freeda, and, for the past 13 years, she’s lived here in Ypsilanti with me and my family. She’s been a constant in our lives ever since our friend Monica brought her to us, after finding her wondering around Southwest Detroit just […]

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“Hillary, I have important information from the future…”

I got a text this afternoon from someone in Flint who was going to be working at tonight’s Democratic debate. When he told me that both Clinton and Sanders would be passing right by him on their way to the stage, I suggested that he take the opportunity to whisper the following to Clinton. I’ve […]

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On being named one of the Detroit area’s “influential independent journalists”

I somehow got cited as being one of the Detroit area’s “most influential independent journalists” in Metormode today, alongside Curt Guyette, of the ACLU, and Steve Neavling, of Motor City Muckraker, both of whom do fantastic, serious work. I’m not sure why I was selected for this honor. Maybe I was meant to represent all […]

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It’s now been verified. The long lost Prehensile Monkey-tailed Skink video has indeed been found.

Ok, so remember how I mentioned a few weeks ago that an oddities collector in Oregon had written to inform me that he’d somehow procured the world’s only copy of “Fears of Practice”, the 1993 performance video of my band, Prehensile Monkey-tailed Skink? Well, apparently he was telling the truth. It looks as though the […]

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