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Our primary platform for communicating our most deeply-held religious beliefs should be fast food packaging

“I just ate at McDonalds and I’m absolutely beside myself. I’m so upset that I can barely type. Do you know that nowhere on the packaging for their Filet ‘O Fish does it mention that Jesus Christ died for our sins upon a cross? It doesn’t even mention that he was known to have enjoyed […]

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And the award for darkest brand jamming goes to….

Earlier this month, seemingly out of nowhere, references to a new campaign for Frosted Flakes started showing up online. The campaign, called Tony is Back, promised to bring Tony the Tiger back into our homes to address the real-world problems of modern adults with enthusiastic encouragement and sugary cereal in the much the same way […]

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The state of agriculture in Washtenaw County

My friend Mary Morgan just shared this factoid on Facebook, and I found it so fascinating that I decided to steal it… As for the little minotaur in corner, don’t pay any attention to him. I just threw him in to spice things up a bit. I didn’t mean to imply that any fraction of […]

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What exactly is organic propellant?

My friend Leighton recently brought the existence of the Organic Batter Blaster to my attention. Leaving aside for the moment the “ejaculative” nature of the name, to use Leighton’s terminology, I’m left wondering what organic propellant it is that they use to compel the Batter Blaster plaster from it’s phallic tube. I ran the idea […]

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What happens at McDonald’s?

Yesterday was the first time I heard Clementine say the word, “McDonald’s.” She came up to me as I was standing in the living room, and said, “Can we go to McDonald’s?” Caught a bit off-guard, I quickly ran through a few different responses and decided to go with, “What’s McDonald’s, Sweety?” She just looked […]

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