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Totally Quotable Arlo: long shadow edition

We went to the lake yesterday and stayed a little longer than we’d planned to. By the time we finally packed up and left, the sun was going down, and, on the way to the car, Arlo noticed that his shadow had grown since he’d seen it last. “My shadow’s a grown-up,” he said. I […]

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Star parties elicit moral panic, Sex in the City 2 elicits desire to perform self-surgery

Do you remember the rainbow party hysteria of a few years ago? I can’t remember where it all started, but people from coast-to-coast became convinced that a tidal wave of children’s oral sex orgies was washing over America. Oprah, I believe, had a story about it. And someone wrote a young adult novel about the […]

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I’m through giving Texas the benefit of the doubt

A few days ago, we were talking here on the site about the Governor of Texas, and some comments that he had made concerning the possibility of secession. I think I mentioned at the time that I’d be all for it, given the good folks of Austin were given enough time to pack their belongings […]

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