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Moon Nazis

Here, while I’m working on my epic post about the showdown shaping up between Romney and Santorum in Michigan, is a trailer for a new film about those Nazis that have been biding their time on the dark side of the Moon. [You know how we’re always talking about the Finnish education model on this […]

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On the passing of Gill Scott-Heron

Gill Scott Herron died a few days ago. I was going to commemorate his passing with The Revolution Will Not be Televised, but, seeing as how most of us reading this site are living in SE Michigan, I thought that I’d go with his anti-nuclear power song, We Almost Lost Detroit, which is particularly pertinent […]

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Obama needs to lead us to energy independence by the end of the decade

Joe Scarborough, this morning on MSNBC, challenged Barack Obama to be aggressive on alternative energy in his address to the nation tomorrow night. Like me, Scarborough wants Obama to channel the spirit of John F. Kennedy, who in 1961 announced that we’d put a man on the moon by the end of the decade, and […]

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I’m through giving Texas the benefit of the doubt

A few days ago, we were talking here on the site about the Governor of Texas, and some comments that he had made concerning the possibility of secession. I think I mentioned at the time that I’d be all for it, given the good folks of Austin were given enough time to pack their belongings […]

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