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Valentine’s Day on the Saturday Six Pack… the “Classy Vagina” episode

As last week’s drunken mess of a show was a little too male-centric, I made a concerted effort to bring more women into the studio this past Saturday. Naively, I expected that doing so would result in less bawdy, more family-friendly show. I was wrong. The show was pretty filthy. But it was also super […]

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Smarty Catz tries bikini lunches

While I appreciate the entrepreneurial chutzpah, and wish them all the best, I’m not confident that putting the Smarty Catz waitstaff in bikinis will bring in a booming lunch crowd… Here’s a clip from iSpy: …Because the bar hasn’t been attracting as many customers for lunch as he would like, Smarty Catz has been offering […]

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Shadow Art Fair entertainment update

As I may have mentioned earlier, we’re trying something new for the next Shadow Art Fair, which is scheduled to take place on July 10. Instead of just having events at the Corner Brewery, we’re planning on having interesting things taking place at four different venues around Ypsilanti. I don’t want to give too much […]

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So, what’ll it be?

I wanted to write a review of Ypsi’s newest bar, Smarty Katz, but I lacked the courage necessary to enter… As that’s the case, anything goes tonight. Anything you want to write about it OK by me. I’m going upstairs now, to catch up on the last eight seasons of Survivor.

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