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If we hadn’t killed the Shadow Art Fair, this is what it would have become

Thank you, Banksy, for keeping the dream alive with Dismaland. And, no, I don’t really think that my Shadow Art friends and I could have pulled off anything this ambitious. I do think, however, that this was the direction in which we were trending… dark social commentary. I recall several meetings, for instance, where we […]

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After a long, successful run, Ypsilanti’s SPUR Studios to close in July

It just became official that SPUR Studios would be closing on July 31, after six years in operation. Launched during the summer of 2009 by James Marks, the founder of Ypsilanti screen printing shop VG Kids, the constantly buzzing hive of interconnected studio spaces has served as home for dozens, if not hundreds, of local […]

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Ypsi Book Co-op meeting tonight at 7:30

Several months ago, our local used bookstore, Cross Street Books, was shut down by the City for various code violations. This led to a spirited conversation here on the site, during which almost everyone, regardless of how they felt about Cross Street Books, seemed to agree that, in order to have a thriving downtown, Ypsilanti […]

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Underground Press art show “In Print” opens Friday at U-M’s Work Detroit gallery

This Friday night, January 10, U-M’s Work Detroit gallery (3663 Woodward Avenue) will be unveiling a new, two month-long exhibition on the artwork of the underground press. The exhibition, called In Print, was curated by Andy Gabrysiak. Following is our conversation. MARK: I’ve read the Metro Times piece and listened to the interview on WDET. […]

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KRAMPUS 2013 to be held the night of December 21 in Ypsilanti

About three years ago, those of us responsible for the Shadow Art Fair, decided that local kids could benefit from the knowledge that, while Santa Claus goes out each Christmas Eve, visiting the homes of all the good children around the world, he has a no-so-jolly associate that does the same for those boys and […]

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