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Document Ypsi 2017 …next weekend

A few days ago, while walking aimlessly through downtown Ypsilanti, I found myself trying to remember what Pears, the men’s clothing store that used to be 100 West Michigan Avenue, in the space now occupied by Dalat, used to sell. All I can picture is a rack of very old, wide-collared “Playboy” brand pajamas, all […]

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My search for the Ypsi Tooth leads me to an interesting Haab’s artifact

My never-ending search for our region’s most enigmatic super villain, the Ypsi Tooth, led me a few nights ago to a long-closed-up building in downtown Ypsilanti. [You can enter said building by way of a manhole downtown.] While I don’t want to get into specifics concerning what clues I may have found, I did want […]

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The Home Shopping Network descends on a defenseless Ypsilanti

Long gone are the days when A-list Hollywood celebrities like Robert DeNiro, Drew Barrymore and Milla Jovovich would flock to Ypsilnati and cause a stir. Today, things are different. Now that our overly-aggressive film industry incentives have dried up, and the steady flow of celebrities has slowed to a trickle, it takes a hell of […]

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PBS in Ypsi, the New York Times in Detroit, and a state in transition

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet on PBS, Ypsi was featured on the most recent episode of Under the Radar Michigan. The crew, as you may recall, was here in town this past October, shooting footage of people lined up down Michigan Avenue, waiting to partake of the 40¢ chicken dinners that […]

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Smarty Catz tries bikini lunches

While I appreciate the entrepreneurial chutzpah, and wish them all the best, I’m not confident that putting the Smarty Catz waitstaff in bikinis will bring in a booming lunch crowd… Here’s a clip from iSpy: …Because the bar hasn’t been attracting as many customers for lunch as he would like, Smarty Catz has been offering […]

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