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What the 2016 election results tell us about the changing landscape of America, the possibility of non-partisan redistricting in Michigan, helping local kids find their inner superheroes, and Mittenfest XI …on this weekend’s Saturday Six Pack

This Saturday’s episode of the Saturday Six Pack, our second of the Trump era, will be told in four parts. During our first segment, we will be talking with University of Michigan Professor of Political Science Vincent Hutchings, the author of Public Opinion and Democratic Accountability: How Citizens Learn About Politics, about the results of […]

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What a difference a few miles makes… Stanford data shows sharp division between educational outcomes across Washtenaw County following race and class lines

This past April, folks at the New York Times, using data collected by the Center for Education Policy Analysis at Stanford, created an online tool allowing users to explore the correlation between money, race and academic success across America’s school districts. Following are two screen captures. The first shows where the Ann Arbor school district […]

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The Lonesome Death of Trayvon Martin

Ever since news broke about George Zimmerman shooting down Trayvon Martin in that gated community outside of Orlando, I’ve had Bob Dylan’s song, The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, going through my head. Maybe it’s just that Zimmerman’s name sounds to me like that of William Zantzinger, the privileged young tobacco farmer in Maryland who […]

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Guns don’t kill people… Hoodies kill people

Earlier this morning, in a segment on FOX News, self-important pseudo-journalist Geraldo Rivera suggested that it wasn’t just George Zimmerman who was responsible for the recent shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager who was gunned down while walking though a gated community outside of Orlando, Florida. No, according to Rivera, it seems […]

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Affirmative Action may not be completely dead in Michigan after all

In a June 23, 2003 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, upheld the affirmative action admissions policy of the University of Michigan Law School, allowing the University to continue using race as a “predominant” factor when considering new applicants. Not willing to concede defeat, those who fought to have the policy deemed […]

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