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Having failed miserably as Attorney General, Schuette sets his sights on the Governor’s office

Last winter, as you may recall, Donald Trump didn’t have a lot of friends inside the Michigan GOP. Governor Snyder, in a rare show of moral courage, refused to endorse the real estate developer turned reality television celebrity, and Lieutenant Governor Calley, who had endorsed him earlier in the campaign, withdrew his endorsement, once the […]

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Which “Stranger Things” character are you?

Looking around the internet today, I noticed that some site had a “Which ‘Stranger Things’ character are you?” quiz. I didn’t take it, as it looked like it sucked, and since I don’t need anyone to tell me that I’d be Sheriff Hopper. But it got me thinking that, if I had even remotely good […]

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This new device is absolutely jaw dropping!

[This is a desperate cry for help. Mark Maynard cannot break free from the pull of Facebook’s “jaw-dropping” click bait headlines. They have rewired his brain… And you won’t believe what he does next!]

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Everything you think you know about my grilled ham and cheese sandwich is wrong!

I know there should be an article to accompany this image, but I only have so much time per week to devote to meme parody… But I don’t guess that it matters. The important thing is that you followed the link from Facebook, not that you liked what you found when you got here. h, […]

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Donald Trump, who unquestionably would have been a war hero if a bone spur in his foot hadn’t kept him from serving in Vietnam, questions the heroism of former prisoner-of-war John McCain

Appearing on stage in Ames, Iowa today at something called the Family Leadership Summit, presidential candidate Donald Trump had the above to say about Republican Senator John McCain, with whom he’s recently been at war on the subject of immigration. [Trump, it would seem, has an issue with McCain for not believing, as he does, […]

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