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The campaign to convince the American people that Donald Trump is strong, virile and unstoppable

Yesterday, in hopes of proving to the American people how healthy the President is, in spite of his recent COVID-19 diagnosis, the White House released two photos of Donald Trump. In the photos, which have been shared widely by Trump’s supporters and family members, the President can be seen hard at work in two different […]

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Mark’s Covid Diary… May 19, 2020

I wouldn’t say that I’m necessarily giving up on the idea of posting longer pieces about specific, god-awful things that are happening in the news. Knowing myself, I think it’s likely that, in the very near future, something will happen that will cause me to go back to my old ways, and spend an entire […]

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COVID-19 IN MICHIGAN… This is where we stand one week in

The social distancing for my family started one week ago tomorrow. It was a Thursday afternoon. We probably should have been more aggressive, and started earlier, but we waited until after there were actually confirmed cases in Michigan before we made the call to keep the kids home from school and start working from home. […]

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“I’ve always known this is a real — this is a pandemic,” says Donald Trump, unaware, apparently, that we can look up his past statements

Earlier today, with American COVID-19 deaths passing the 100-mark, and our trajectory looking like that of Italy, Donald Trump tried to make the case that he’s been taking this very real public health crisis seriously from the outset. Asked by a reporter why his tone was markedly different today than yesterday, and noticeably more serious, […]

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Was Hillary Clinton poisoned? World renowned forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu seems to think so.

Maybe it’s because we know with some degree of certainty that former KGB agent turned dictator Vladimir Putin has poisoned his adversaries in the past, or maybe t’s just because this election cycle has already been so incredibly insane that nothing would surprise me, but when Dr. Bennet Omalu, one of the world’s most renowned […]

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