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If Donald Trump really wants to reopen America to business, he needs to stop inciting people with guns to “liberate” their states, and focus instead of keeping his word to expand testing

Our new White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, said earlier this weekend that, “thanks to the leadership of President Donald Trump,” the United States had now conducted significantly more coronavirus tests than any other other nation. And, yes, if the name sounds familiar, this is the same Kayleigh McEnany, who, back in February, said on […]

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What Donald Trump knew about COVID-19, when he knew it, and how his administration made the pandemic much worse

Not too long ago, I shared a timeline here of Donald Trump’s various lie-filled statements concerning the coronavirus outbreak, starting with, “We have it totally under control,” which he said on January 22, 2020. In that post, as you may recall, I not only included quotes from Donald Trump, but, where possible, I added other […]

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“I don’t know what I can do to save people anymore.” A Michigan ER nurse, saying that “life and death” decisions are being made right now because of capacity and resource issues, begs people to “stay home” in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

As of right now, Michigan is one of the top five states in the country with regard to diagnosed COVID-19 cases. According to today’s numbers, we now have nearly 2,300 confirmed cases, and 43 people here in our state have died as a result of the virus. And, as predicted, it’s beginning to take its […]

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COVID-19 IN MICHIGAN… This is where we stand one week in

The social distancing for my family started one week ago tomorrow. It was a Thursday afternoon. We probably should have been more aggressive, and started earlier, but we waited until after there were actually confirmed cases in Michigan before we made the call to keep the kids home from school and start working from home. […]

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We don’t have anywhere near enough ventilators to care for those who will develop COVID-19, and the Trump administration isn’t helping

The best Rolling Stones album ever recorded, Exile on Main Street, contains a song titled Ventilator Blues, which contains the following phrase… “Don’t matter where you are, everybody, everybody gonna need some kind of ventilator.” Well, for the past few days, I’ve found myself humming it to myself quite a bit. Reading the word “ventilator” […]

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