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Tea Party derails green projects, calling them U.N. plots, and exposes NYT journalism failings in the process

Remember how, a few weeks ago, the Public Editor of the New York Times, Arthur Brisbane, wrote a column inexplicably asking if it should be the job of journalists to be “truth vigilantes,” as though there were other legitimate options to be weighed in this highly-politicized, post-reality world in which we find ourselves today? Well, […]

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“But, the socialist media are MAKING her eyes look crazy!”

Apparently, conservatives, especially those who find themselves doing things like screaming in support of America’s credit downgrade at Tea Party rallies, are incensed that Newsweek chose to run a cover image this week which makes Presidential contender Michele Bachmann look crazy. I personally don’t see it. It’s one thing to have an issue with the […]

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