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“So I’m warning you… What I’m going to do to you is going to be fucking disgusting. You understand me?”

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if, just maybe, Trump fixer Michael Cohen, the man who mortgaged his home to buy the silence of his boss’s porn star mistress, might be deserving of your empathy, I’d encourage you to listen to this recently released audio of him threatening NPR’s Tim Mak back in 2015, when […]

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Veronique Liem on the 22nd Circuit Court, family law, and why she wants to be a judge

I had the occasion last night to exchange several emails with judicial candidate Veronique Liem. What follows is our conversation. My hope is that it’s useful to those of you out there, like me, who have only a cursory understanding of the 22nd Circuit Court and how it operates. It’s not exhaustive by any means, […]

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Remind me to never divorce Kris Jenner

Bitch plays hardball.

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Donald Trump v. Stephen Colbert on balls, mouths, October surprises

Damn it, Stephen Colbert, you magnificent bastard. I’d vowed that I wasn’t going to mention Donald Trump’s latest in a long a line of pathetic, racist, conspiracy-laden stunts directed toward the President, and then you come along, jump into the fray, insert your balls, and make it absolutely irresistible… Enjoy! BACKGROUND: For the past several […]

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