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Getting to the bottom of Washtenaw County’s proposed mental health cuts, gorging on scotch ice cream, and helping a romance writer imagine filthy scenarios with Henry Ford …on episode 23 of the Saturday Six Pack

Much like the Lagavulin 16 Year Single Malt Scotch ice cream we ended the episode gorging ourselves on, this edition of the Saturday Six Pack was complex and layered… One minute it was fun and light, and the next it was deadly serious. In just two hours time, we somehow managed to have interesting conversations […]

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Hurons no more. EMU does the right thing and agrees to give up their Native American mascot for a second… and hopefully final… time.

A few months ago, when I talked with representatives from Eastern Michigan University’s Native American Student Organization (NASO) on The Saturday Six Pack, it didn’t sound as though negotiations with the administration were going well. University leadership, from their perspective, had made up their mind to bring back the “Huron” mascot after over 20 years, […]

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Justice Department and ACLU discuss the return of EMU’s Huron mascot with President Martin to no avail

In early May, I interviewed Michelle Lietz and Chris Sutton of Eastern Michigan University’s Native American Student Organization (NASO) about the University’s decision, despite their objections, to reintroduce the “Huron” – EMU’s controversial Native American mascot – which had been retired in 1993 in favor of the less offensive, and more appropriate, eagle. At that […]

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Local Native American man alleges drunken EMU students in “redface,” calling themselves Hurons, told him to “go back to the fucking reservation”

Earlier this past week, I received a note from a reader informing me that a local Native American man by the name of Nathan had been involved in an altercation with a number of drunk and shirtless college-aged men dressed up in “redface” and imitation Native American headdresses. When the man asked why they felt […]

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Veronique Liem on the 22nd Circuit Court, family law, and why she wants to be a judge

I had the occasion last night to exchange several emails with judicial candidate Veronique Liem. What follows is our conversation. My hope is that it’s useful to those of you out there, like me, who have only a cursory understanding of the 22nd Circuit Court and how it operates. It’s not exhaustive by any means, […]

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